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    Security Alarm Monitoring systems ensure the ongoing success of your business by protecting and monitoring your most valuable assets, around the clock. With 24/7 security monitoring and detection systems a watchful eye is kept on the business while the owner is away and will work fast to alert authorities to any attempted break-ins.

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Advanced Security & Fire’s detection and alarm systems protect your property, reduce loss, and secure your businesses’ bottom line 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Access Control/CCTV Systems

    With Advanced Security & Fire’s elite access controls systems allows for complete control over who is permitted access to your property. Utilizing digital surveillance cameras, business owners can now check in on the day-to-day operations at the business, even from thousands of miles away.

    Today, businesses are being increasingly targeted by criminals and shady business competitors who seek to steal intellectual property, sensitive client details and gather your proprietary business information. Due to businesses being vacant after-hours, commercial property can also be a hot target for criminals to steal from or vandalize while the owner is away.

    Implementing a commercial security monitoring and fire detection system will shield the business from unnecessary loss by protecting your property and your profits. Below are a just a few of Advanced Security & Fire systems and services we provide:


    • Security Alarm Systems with 24/7 Monitoring
    • Fire Detection Alarm Systems with 24/7 Monitoring
    • Video Surveillance Systems with Internet & Mobile Monitoring Capabilities
    • Advanced Access Control Systems
    • Remote Monitoring Capabilities
    • Glass-break Sensors & Alarms
    • Carbon Monoxide, Smoke & Water Detection
    • Custom Security Solution Development upon Request