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    A number of studies have shown that by simply having a home security monitoring sign in the yard this can act as a deterrent to burglars and home break-ins. Well, we go far beyond a yard sign here at Advanced Security and Fire.

    We believe that feeling safe and secure in one’s home is vitally important to living a peaceful life. Ensuring that our customers have the sense of security they deserve in their home is the primary focus of our residential security solutions.

    With our 24/7 security monitoring services, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your property while away. Our knowledgeable staff are trained in incident response and will have the authorities dispatched in the event a security event is detected.

    Residential Security & Fire

    Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection systems constantly monitor your home environment to detect any disturbances in the homes natural environment. Carbon monoxide is one threat that cannot be detected by human senses and this creates a deadly home environment if undetected. Fortunately, our intelligent carbon monoxide sensors will detect these types of dangerous anomalies, even when you cannot, to always ensure your safety.

    Advance Security and Fire can build a residential security package that perfectly fits your unique security needs. We offer a large variety of residential security and fire services and systems, all of which can be completely customized to meet the security priorities of our customers.


    • Fire & Smoke Detectors and Monitoring Services
    • Security Alarms and 24/7 Monitoring Services
    • Motion Detectors
    • Security Cameras
    • Glassbreak Sensors
    • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Medical Alert Systems
    • Temperature & Light Sensors
    • Intelligent Systems Integration